About Maestro

Maestro has developed a "Keurig for food" that prepares a fresh meal automatically. It's a smart, countertop appliance that boils, steams, and/or roasts up to three separate recipes simultaneously, coordinating time and temperature logistics to finish a complete meal in 10-30 minutes. Through our food partners–Peapod and Mariano's–we'll deliver fresh proteins, grains, and vegetables in disposable, oven-safe pods. The machine scans a code on each pod and cooks it according to our specifications. You don't touch the food; you don't set a time or temperature; you don't clean. Just drop in the pods, close the lid, and let Maestro take care of everything.


Content Writing Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Kalamazoo, MI
“The people at Maestro are amazing, and it's a really wonderful collaborative environment. I got to work with several different teams, and they really made sure to tailor the experience to fit my needs. I would definitely recommend working with them!”
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