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About MalamaDoe - A Coworking Community for Women

Everything we do revolves around making this world a better place by helping women use their talents to be the best they can be. We believe women who are empowered by one another and role models build community, help society, and flourish.
We showcase great female role models building community one woman at a time. We help women take supported and calculated risks to develop their talents personally and professionally.
We inspire women to get connected professionally by branding themselves, marketing their talents, and promoting themselves and others.
We cater to women with their own businesses who are taking supported and calculated risks by aiming high and looking for growth – all in areas that showcase their talents.



October 2019 Shorewood, WI
“I like that I'm getting to dip my toes in all different kinds of experiences! I'm working on creating graphics for social media platforms, getting involved in marketing podcasts, working with female entrepreneurs with various types of businesses, and getting to attend many professional social events around town for women entrepreneurs. My boss has given me great opportunities along the way and I can't wait to see what else is to come.”
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