Manheim Central School District

About Manheim Central School District

The Manheim Central School District is a School District of the Third Class, organized and existing under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The governing body of the school district is a board of nine directors who are each elected for a term of four-years. The daily operation and management of the school district is carried out by the administrative staff, headed by the Superintendent of Schools who is appointed by the Board of School Directors.

The District is comprised of the Borough of Manheim and the Townships of Penn and Rapho (collectively, the "municipalities"). Located in northwestern Lancaster County, the school district encompasses 78.2 square miles of scenic and productive agricultural lands being increasingly converted to residential use. The school district lies approximately seven miles north of the City of Lancaster, approximately eighty miles west of the City of Philadelphia and twenty-five miles east of the City of Harrisburg.


School Librarian

August 2016 Manheim, PA
“I love my job. I get to connect kids with books, collaborate with teachers, and explore new technology.”
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