Manitowoc Public Utilities

About Manitowoc Public Utilities

Manitowoc Public Utilities is a provider of electric, water, steam and dark fiber optic services within the City of Manitowoc as well as electric and water on a wholesale basis to joint action agencies in WI.


Information Technology Intern

June 2018 Manitowoc, WI
“Working at MPU has been an awesome experience for me. I started the job when I was in high school and the flexibility that they have given me for school and personal time has been like no other place I have worked. I feel they really value the education and that makes schooling a priority allowing days off for studying, testing or working on schoolwork if I was ever flooded with work. Everyone that I have worked with in the IT department was always welcoming to questions and helping me troubleshoot in the case that I could not figure an issue out. I have learned so much here because of this. I also really enjoy the variety of work that you are offered working here. I feel that every day can be different from the last because we support many aspects of MPU and the City of Manitowoc. Not only the people at MPU are amazing to work with but the City employees are great too. Working on City IT devices really adds to the variety of work that we do. Fixing patrol cars and Ambulances to working on the aquatic center to Public works shops always keeps you intrigued and learning something new. I started working here as a Youth Apprentice while in high school. Working with Zach for most of my early years here in 2018-2020 he was amazing to work with because he really took the time to make sure you understood what you were doing and how things worked in the backend. He really is knowledgeable and always has and idea to fix issues. When the new IT manager started I feel that the experience has only gotten better. Keith is the current manager and he is a very busy man but will take the time too meet and discuss issues or fixes. I feel that he has a great understanding about business and how IT works in a company. I have learned a lot from him so far, and has been great to work under. My whole time working here so far I feel like a real employee. They don't hand out the stereotypical "Intern Jobs" I get to actually help people and practice my skills. I truly recommend Manitowoc Public utilities to anyone that likes to experience new tech and learn about the business space while working directly with end users and fulfilling the needs of them. This has been a great place to work and I hope to stay here when I am done with college. ”
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