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About Manna Project International

Manna Project International (MPI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization where young professionals can apply their passions, experience, and education through service to communities in need. With the vision of communities serving communities, MPI’s model is a collaborative community-based approach to development. At our sites in Ecuador and Nicaragua, groups of year-long volunteers live and work together implementing a range of education, health and livelihood community development programs.

Program Directors (PDs) run the day-to-day operations of MPI’s community programs on the ground in Ecuador and Nicaragua. Program Directors live and work together with a team of 6-12 other individuals. These teams are comprised of young professionals and recent college graduates who work alongside local leaders to address each community’s specific needs. Program Directors utilize their education, passions, and interests to develop and sustain existing programs and to establish new projects. As a Program Director, you will receive experience in international development, program design, implementation of new projects, grant writing, nonprofit administration, fundraising, social media, public relations, and donor relations.

There are 5 primary roles for Program Directors:
1. Developing and running community programs
2. Managing organizational operations
3. Building relationships with local organizations and community members
4. Hosting short-term volunteers & training incoming Program Directors
5. Raising awareness in the U.S. of international issues

The responsibilities of Program Directors include any and all tasks necessary to maintain and improve the day-to-day operations of MPI. This includes but is not limited to:
-- Maintaining current community development programs, and design and implement new initiatives;
-- Building and deepening MPI’s local and international partnerships;
-- Collaborating regularly with fellow Program Directors and the Country Director to improve the reach and effectiveness of MPI’s programs;
-- Submitting programmatic reports to the Country Director and regularly tracking metrics to assess the impact of MPI’s programs;
-- Training the incoming group of Program Directors, with an eye to efficient, effective, and sustainable progress and programming;
-- Fundraising for on-site programmatic and operational development; and
-- Participating in organization-wide planning and development, including recruitment, finances, grant writing, fundraising, social media, public relations, and donor relations.


Summer Intern

June 2020 - August 2020 Quito, Pichincha
“I loved the level of delegation that my supervisor had. She would ask us what we thoughts about us and the interns’ input was really valued. I also just loved that it was very people-oriented. We had weekly seminars that helped us learn more about Ecuador and also for Professional Development .”

Summer Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Quito, Pichincha Province
“i loved the hands on experience of this job! ”
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