Anyone can bring on an intern and call it free labor. That is not what drives us, we want to educate you in ways that propel you to success in everything you do.

At the Marcón Agency, in addition to the applications of the position, you will learn the skills and traits that cannot be taught in schools. Our 90-day intern program follows the exact coaching program that is taught by Coach Phoenix Marcón and is sold for $7500 for the entire course. This is based on his 10 published books. Yours FREE as a student and upon completion you will receive a certificate showing that you have successfully completed the program that covers...MONEY, EMPOWER, STRESS, MINDSET, PRODUCTIVITY, FOCUS, CONFIDENCE, PURPOSE, AFFIRMATION and MEANING.

The Marcón Agency is a veteran-owned business that provides effective coordinated online and print marketing solutions. Our team is small enough to get the job done right, but experienced enough to be competitive!

We are THE Business Success Power Team

Driven by innovation and human behavior, our agency is changing the way brands connect with audiences in a digital world. Discover why market leaders choose our enterprise solutions.

No matter where a business is at, a strong design presence will help it grow. We make it our mission to provide our customers with a public presence that is creative, exciting and right for their business. After all, the businesses we launch and help grow are a reflection of us, and client’s satisfaction is our top priority.

From idea to brand, to legal and taxes, to marketing and sales…the solution a business is looking for is here with the Marcón Agency.


Business Development Manager

July 2021 Fremont, CA
“The company was very easy to communicate within the early stages of this process. It was nice to be able to communicate and ask any questions whenever I needed to. ”
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