Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

About Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

Against the backdrop of a sun-soaked village in Central Mexico, surrounded by the texture of centuries-old heritage, the Margaritas restaurant concept has been carefully crafted and thoughtfully prepared for import to the United States. Margaritas has become an experience warmly embraced by people looking for a place to visit as well as a place to enjoy delicious Mexican food. No two Margaritas are identical and no two experiences are exactly the same. But every visit is undeniably festive and fun!



June 2019 - August 2019 Green Bay, WI
“Good money and it was cash too ”

Dining Room Host/Hostess

May 2018 Langhorne, PA
“I enjoyed all of the people who I worked with. Everyone was very kind and caring, and they taught me many things not only about the restaurant industry but also about life. It was a challenging job that I often felt overwhelmed at, but it was also good to experience such a stressful atmosphere in which others (customers) were dependent on me and my capabilities. I learned a lot not only about my position as a hostess, but also about other positions throughout the restaurant. I always felt very accomplished and satisfied at the end of my shift, and often looked forward to going back.”
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