Maricopa Community Colleges

About Maricopa Community Colleges

Maricopa Community Colleges is committed to providing quality, accessible education to as many members of the community as possible.

From students looking to transfer to university, to those with the goal of learning a new skill or trade, from elementary and high school students getting started with college courses, to senior citizens participating in lifelong learning, from future first-responders, and nurses to veterans – we are here to serve you.

We invite our community – diverse in educational background, ethnicity, age, life experiences, and with varying educational and career goals – to join us in creating empowering and enriched lives through education.


Student Life and Leadership

August 2020 - October 2020 Phoenix, AZ
“Helping out my school and making phone calls to company’s that we partner with for volunteer work. Also, doing the mobile food pantry every third Wednesday of the month and helping students in need of food or hygiene.”

Student Recruiter

October 2017 Paradise Valley, AZ
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