Marine Education Initiative

About Marine Education Initiative

Founded in 2007 by a local high-school student looking to make a difference, Marine Education Initiative’s focus is conservation through education. The federal government spends less than 48 cents annually per capita on environmental literacy, of which a mere 20 cents per person is used toward environmental education. Marine Education Initiative aims to combat this startling statistic by educating and inspiring socio-economically disadvantaged youth to preserve marine ecosystems for the future through its immersive after-school programming.

Marine Education Initiative aims to educate as many youths as possible about the importance of marine conservation in addition to fighting hunger in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner through its Aquaponics Food Security & Education Program.



August 2021 Boca Raton, FL
“Very accepting and welcoming community! Everyone there is amazing and they really make everything so much more enjoyable! Everything goes for a good cause as well.”

Social Media Intern

September 2021 Boca Raton, FL
“I love how welcoming everyone with MEI is, they made it so easy to feel at home and welcome once I started. The projects they have on their own are awe-inspiring and they are all well run. They are very flexible as well, allowing time to be taken to get things done as they value the quality of work. Overall, it is a great experience, as long as you are ready to work with your hands. ”
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