Marion County Juvenile Department

About Marion County Juvenile Department

The Juvenile Department serves a vital role in providing accountability, interventions and positive pro-social skill development for youth and families to mitigate community risk and increase public safety. The Department builds on the prevention and intervention efforts of the early childhood system, in an effort to address high-risk youth behaviors, victim and community impact, and redirect youth from escalating criminal behavior into the state juvenile justice system; and eventually the adult criminal justice system.
The Juvenile Department is responsible:

To process juvenile delinquency referrals from law enforcement on youth who are alleged to have committed a criminal act.
We also provide:

A resource for law enforcement, schools, and probation officers to refer youth twelve and under who are experiencing serious difficulties and are at risk to enter into the juvenile justice system. Our Family Support program provides direct interventions to the family system to reduce risk factors, increase school success, decrease acting out behavior, improve family functioning and increase positive peer associations and activities.


Juvenile Department Intern

June 2023 - September 2023 Salem, OR
“I really enjoyed working with the youth and the staff at this facility. They were kind and very informative. Each staff member was unique and was able to share diverse information about this job and other similar jobs they have had in the past.”
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