About marketGOATS

marketGOATS is a financial technology company founded by two Harvard Business School alumni, to make it easy for investors to discover and invest in top money managers.

We discover the best investment talent in the world through head-to-head competition on our proprietary simulated investing platform, which is open to everyone and currently has thousands of amateur and professional investors managing virtual portfolios. Everyone is treated and evaluated the same. Anyone can be crowned a top investor - a GOAT.

We believe that investment skill can reside anywhere, and that anyone – regardless of their background, education or location – could be the next great investor.

Specific for University and College students: marketGOATS hosts a series of monthly simulated investing competitions where students from all over the world have the chance to compete against each other and raise money for their student organizations/clubs or school departments.

The marketGOATS simulated investment competitions allows students to learn about trading, portfolio management, risk and return by trading a virtual portfolio of global securities including stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies. Participants gain intimate knowledge of the movements of major financial markets and experience the ups and downs of developing winning and losing trading strategies. Any student who is considering applying for summer finance internships will find marketGOATS helpful as practice in watching and understanding the markets.

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Marketing Specialist

May 2022 Davis, CA
β€œThe team was very tight-knit and helpful with learning curves. I learned a lot about investing and marketing. The startup allows us to try out different opportunities. It's a friendly and fast-paced work environment with growth and changes happening every day.”
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