Midwest Center for Youth and Families

Clinical Intern

May 2021 • Valparaiso, IN

What I liked

I enjoyed being able to grow in confidence and competence while participating in a fast-paced hands on learning experience. I lead DBT skills groups, provide support sessions for residents, and complete notes for family/individual therapy sessions. I appreciate how they encourage me to utilize my skills to increase efficiency and challenge my to continue learning and growing as an emerging professional. The amount of support and wisdom provided during this internship experience has been incredible.

What I wish was different



This setting is not for everyone- it is very different from placement in an outpatient facility. This placement worked well for me because I am passionate about working with youth/young adults who have experienced trauma. Individuals who are interested in this internship should be aware that they will hear many stories of trauma, abuse, and engage with clients experiencing severe mental health crises. If this is an area you are passionate about, are able to prioritize boundaries and self-care, and accept the reality of the frequent pivoting of priorities, this is a great opportunity to.
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