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How do I prepare for an interview for an Adjunct Professor position at Naropa University?

Do a bit of research into the philosophy of Naropa University. It is a unique institution in that it focuses both on personal development of students (largely rooted in Buddhism and Eastern Philosophy) as much as academics. You should demonstrate that you understand this approach and that you wou...
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What's a day in the life of an Adjunct Professor at Naropa University like?

Naropa is a pretty casual environment. It is a small campus with an unpretentious vibe. Your work day will mostly consist of teaching and holding office hours. While there are plenty of other opportunities to engage with students or contribute to the University, they are not really compulsory for...
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How would you describe the company culture at Naropa University?

Naropa University is quite student-centered. Meaning the focus is more on student experience and engagement rather than your own research. While there are plenty of opportunities to conduct your own research, don't expect much pressure from the institution to do so. It is a supportive and welcomi...
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