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Attributes that could stand out when interviewed for a paraprofessional role within Natick Public Schools?

A paraprofessional position in the Natick school system requires a knowledge of solving problems and making on the spot decisions. Knowing how to approach specific situations based on the child and what happened will be especially useful. Also, being able to answer questions about teaching strate...
Interview Education Paraprofessional Natick Public Schools
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I'd like to hear what it can be like taking on the role of a paraprofessional within Natick Public Schools!

The work of a paraprofessional revolves a lot around making sure the classroom runs smoothly and the head teacher isn't overwhelmed. Most importantly, that that students individual needs are met. There is constant work with children making sure that they are following their education plan while a...
Day in the Life Education Paraprofessional Natick Public Schools
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