National Eagle Center

Raptor Care Intern

May - August 2019 • Wabasha, MN

What I liked

I loved the work environment at the National Eagle Center (NEC). The other employees and volunteers were very nice and fun to work and answered questions that I had. This internship offered a lot of hands on learning that could be applied into a future career; things like how to interact with the public, how to handle tougher questions, and what work ethic and mannerisms are expected in this field. I've greatly improved on my public speaking skills in a relaxed and more "official" setting; I would answer questions in the Super Mew which was more casual and I would provide sit down programs more "official". I learned more about the behind the scenes care for raptors that can no longer be released into the wild, as the NEC is not a rehabilitation center. This opportunity truly showed me that I am going into the right profession because I absolutely loved every minute of it and learn more about myself along the way.

What I wish was different

I have little to say about changes for the National Eagle Center, yes it would have been nice to have been paid but this experience is worth every second paid or not. I also recognize that this is a nonprofit organization and they don't have the resources to pay for the interns, since the resources must go to other more important things like feeding and taking care of the raptors.


Don't hesitate to ask questions, the employees and volunteers at the National Eagle Center want to help you.
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