NAU Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

Undergraduate Researcher

February 2019 • Flagstaff, AZ

What I liked

I run three separate research projects, and I get to work with cancer cells, discovering ways to fend them off. My projects are pretty novel, not a lot has been done in a similar way, it is very cool to pave the way. I was able to compile all my research on a particular project, and present it to the others in the lab.

What I wish was different

Nothing really, it has been an awesome experience thus far, putting my knowledge of cancer biology and pharmacology to use is a very rewarding thing to do.


Reach out to those around you. Professors, purely researchers, students, they are all great people to talk to if you are interested. If you want to do research, start sending out those emails, start setting up those meetings, something will come together.
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