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Guided by Catholic and Vincentian traditions, we prepare current and future business professionals to learn, serve, and lead with integrity and live an exemplary life. Our vision is that the Niagara University College of Business Administration will be regionally prominent and internationally recognized in business education.

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Leadership. We strive to equip students to be successful in the business and world communities by developing their skills in leadership, communication and working with other people. According to the National Survey of Student Engagement (2011), NU College of Business Administration had 92% internship, co-op, or field experiences vs. 50% from other US Catholic Business Schools.
Relevance. We strive to ensure that course content and delivery is current, relevant and coordinated across disciplines, placing special emphasis on technology and the global marketplace.
Ethics. We strive to provide an ethics-based business education incorporating the altruistic spirit of St. Vincent de Paul.
Community Involvement. We strive to provide opportunities for students and faculty to serve the community and engage in extra-curricular activities and practical interaction with the business community on a regional, national and global scale. NU College of Business Administration, when compared to other US Catholic Business Schools had 95% community service/volunteer experiences vs. 69% (NSSE 2011).
Professional Growth. We strive to promote continuing faculty development that enhances teaching and encourages and rewards intellectual contributions.
Catholic and Vincentian Mission
Niagara’s Catholic and Vincentian mission guides us to prepare ethical and compassionate business leaders. Our award-winning VITA program matches accounting students with people in the community that need assistance with their income taxes. In 2010, we were recognized by the IRS with the National Partnership Award for Outstanding Community Service as Outstanding Federal Income Tax Return Preparation. Our students have recently taken the lead in a project to clean and distribute thousands of used sandals from Niagara Falls’ Cave of the Winds attraction; these sandals are destined for Third World countries and will support sustainable projects.


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