Nimble Robotics

About Nimble Robotics

Nimble is creating robot AI to build the next generation of intelligent robotic fulfillment centers.

We were founded from the artificial intelligence labs at Stanford and Carnegie Mellon and much of our engineering management team comes from NASA. Nimble has raised $50M in capital from prestigious investors including Accel, DNS Capital, GSR Ventures, and Reinvent. Our investors have back famous startups like SpaceX, Spotify, Facebook, Venmo, DJI, Scale and others.

Our board of directors include AI luminaries Sebastian Thrun (the founder of GoogleX, Waymo, Udacity, and KittyHawk; Stanford Professor; considered the father of autonomous vehicles) and Fei-Fei Li (former Chief Scientist of AI at Google and Director of Stanford's AI Lab and creator of the ImageNet dataset that spawned the deep learning revolution in 2012).

Our product uniquely fuses robotics, computer vision, deep imitation, self-supervised and reinforcement learning, teleoperation, intelligent hardware design, and a lot of real-time software to afford robots an unprecedented level of dexterity today, while training them to become increasingly intelligent and autonomous over time.

We embrace challenges and strive to make the impossible possible each day. We’re not in this to do what’s easy or to be mediocre. We want to create something legendary and leave our mark on the world. We’re ambitious, we’re gritty, we’re humble, we’re passionate overachievers and we’re relentlessly resourceful in pursuit of our goals. If this sounds like you, please apply!


Operations Intern

June 2021 Findlay, OH
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