Ninde Scholars Program

About Ninde Scholars Program

The Ninde Scholars Program serves 7th–12th grade students in the Oberlin City School District. The program works with students who have a high financial need, and/or may be the first in their families to attend college. The role of the tutor is to provide academic support in classes that may challenge students, discuss college going and college preparation, reinforce student success, and mentor students through career exploration. In addition to tutoring, Winter Term opportunity also includes an exploration in college access programs and scholarships opportunities that support Oberlin High School students. Winter Term Tutors will also complete projects to support the Ninde Scholars program.

The Ninde Program employs an AmeriCorps College Guide to serve students in the Oberlin City School District and support all aspects of the college search, application, financial aid and enrollment process.



May 2018 - July 2018 Oberlin, OH
“The kids! They were so great and fun to work with. We would get immediate feedback on whether or not they were enjoying the activities by seeing how visibly boisterous and engaged they were. ”
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