Norfolk Public Library

About Norfolk Public Library

“The Norfolk Public Library provides equal opportunity access to information, high quality book and multimedia materials, programs, exhibits, and online resources to meet the needs of our diverse community for life-long learning, cultural enrichment, and intellectual stimulation. To fulfill its mission, the library employs a knowledgeable, well-trained staff committed to excellent service and civility.” (Strategic Directions, 2018-2023)


Library volunteer

March 2023 - May 2023 Norfolk, VA
“The management, the library workers, and the experience. ”

Library/Computer Aide

November 2005 - April 2009 Norfolk, VA
“I worked on the Norfolk Public Library's Bookmobile. What I like about big time was traveling around the city to the different location we had to be at. What made this more interesting was that it were different stops each day and we didn't return to there for another two weeks. This made time flew by fast. Another thing I missed was the different city event I got to participated in. Some of these were walking in the City of Light Christmas Parade, The St. Patrick Day Parade. and NATO Festival to name a few. Lastly the people I got to meet.”
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