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About Norsk Titanium

NTi developed a award winning RPD™ technology that can produce titanium parts that help our clients reduce cost, lead time and preserve natural resources.

While the traditional way of milling titanium parts scraps up to 40 kg per 1 kg, our Merke IV RPD ™ machines take our customers'​ CAD files + titanium wire as input to produce 'near net shape'​ aerospace grade components at the rate of 5-10 KG/hour, and with a 'buy to fly'​ ratio as little as 3 to 1. NTi's RPD™ saves several million dollars per composite airplane & reduces the amount of titanium to be mined.

Modern airliners increasingly use titanium and carbon in their construction - they are lighter, use less fuel and easier to maintain. Thanks to aviation pioneers such as Boeing and Airbus, every commercial aircraft will soon be made from composite and titanium.

Our Headquarter, Technology Center & Production Center is located at Eggemoen (Ringerike, Norway).
In 2017 we opened our facility in Plattsburgh, NY (USA), to showcase our Additive Manufacturing production line, and to qualify and produce aerospace components. This in preparation of our full scale production facility in Plattsburgh.


Manufacturing Engineering Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Plattsburgh, NY
“The company is incredibly exciting and dynamic. The structure of the company allows interns and co-ops to do meaningful work outside of filing papers and the veteran engineers share incredible experience and guidance for the younger employees.”
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