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North Carolina Central University, with a strong tradition of teaching, research, and service, prepares students to become global leaders and practitioners who transform communities. Through a nationally recognized law school, highly acclaimed and innovative programs in the visual and performing arts, sciences, business, humanities, and education programs, NCCU students are engaged problem solvers. Located in the Research Triangle, the University advances research in the biotechnological, biomedical, informational, computational, behavioral, social, and health sciences. Our students enhance the quality of life of citizens and the economic development of North Carolina, the nation, and the world.



January 2016 Durham, NC
“Being able to experience to work first hand with IT professionals and get experience from them.”

Research Anlysis

July 2019 - July 2019 Durham, NC
“With being able to have all expensive paid for, dealing with hotel and flight, I was able to save money and get a chance to have a cultural shock when coming into data and research within another field. I liked that I got a chance to bring something different to the table with my topic and having individuals be acceptive to what I found in my research. ”
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