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All student-appropriate positions funded by Northland College will be posted from this account, including on and off-campus internships, work-study and on-campus jobs. Please review specific postings to identify the appropriate department, office or center contact for inquiries about open opportunities.

Additionally, some external job and internship postings may also be shared from this account. Please pay close attention to the position information to identify the difference.

STUDENTS: Please note - you are only able to hold ONE work-study position at a time, but can hold a work-study and non-work-study position at the same time. Total work hours per week for all jobs combined cannot exceed 20 hours per week. If you are working in more than one position, you must alert your supervisors. Positions paid by stipend (such as Resident Assistants or Student Publications Contributors) are exempt from these restrictions and can be held in addition to having an hourly work-study and non-work-study position, though supervisors should still be made aware of your engagement.

Professional staff or faculty positions available at the college are managed through the Northland College Human Resources Department, and can be found here:


Assistant Soccer Coach

September 2021 - October 2021 Ashland, WI
“It gave me a great experience looking into to how the coaches work behind the scenes to take on for my future occupation. ”
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