Pasadena ISD

About Pasadena ISD

Pasadena ISD located near Houston, Texas. Pasadena ISD has 67 Campuses, (Pre-k thru 4th)(5th and 6th Grade)(7th&8th)(9th-12th).
Support for Teachers includes Mentoring Program, District Specialists, Campus Content Specialist, Peer Facilitators, and Administrators.
Salary for 2020-2021 $56,125 for 187 day contract. Stipends available for Bilingual, Math, Science and Special Education.
Features of district:
Students have receive tablets in the 5th Grade.
Benefits: A clinic is available for all employees who are on district Health Plan, FREE of charge.
District has been chosen as one of Houston Chronicle's Best Place to Work 2015.
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teacher assistant

January 2017 - June 2018 Pasadena, TX
“Great learning experience ”
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