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How much support did you get from upper management as an intern at Procter & Gamble?

Upper management offers a lot of support to interns at P&G. Your boss is typically very involved in mentoring you, and you will typically also receive mentoring from his/her boss (your one-up) and their boss. I was contacted by several managers who all scheduled meetings with me to discuss my car...
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What does a process control engineer actually do at your company?

A process control engineer is responsible for ensuring that a production process and related equipment are running reliably and effectively. This includes monitoring equipment and process parameters, planning upgrades and maintenance, and developing and implementing changes that improve uptime an...
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How does the training program for an intern at P&G look like?

The training program is an orientation style, where you go through different presentations about problem solving, the rules, and regular on-boarding information. Every intern is assigned to a manager and peer mentor that help throughout the entire internship to get acclimated to the new role, mak...
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Interview tips for P&G?

They're not going to ask you anything technical. You need to sound interested, and for that you need to actually be interested in the job and the role. When you meet people, look them in the eye as you shake their hand. The single most important thing for you to do during the interview will be to...
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Has anyone ever applied for a Intern role at Procter & Gamble? How is it if you have been in the program?

I loved being a Purchasing Intern! It wasn’t what I was expecting at all, there are many amazing people and the work is very strategic and exciting. You are part of a multi-functional team where your role is to bring the outside in, connecting P&G to the rest of the industry you are buying for. E...
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How much ownership will I get as an intern at P&G?

Ownership and responsibilities are pretty high, especially considering you are an intern. I had two different projects while I was there, so I will describe them: 1. My direct boss was the BI/Customer Analyst head of Germany, and he also worked with a sales team, which was the Global Metro/Macro...
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What does it take to do well as an intern at P&G?

Leadership and problem solving skills are the most important. Building relationships with your coworkers and technicians is the only way that you’ll be able to make lasting progress and be successful in this type of environment. Practically everything is collaborative, so the trust you build driv...
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Just got an internship at Procter and Gamble! Any tips on how to do well there?

Just work hard on your project during the internship, and constantly ask any questions you have. I highly recommend not being afraid to suggest new ways of doing analysis or giving your opinion on things, because this is highly appreciated at P&G.
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What does the career progression timeline look like for a Process Engineer at Procter & Gamble?

Once you are done with the training process (first 6-8 months), you'll work as a process engineer for a year or so, then if you have performed well, they will give you the chance to become a line/machine leader. After that, you could become a department leader after 1-2 years of doing line leadin...
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What is a day in the life like for an intern at Procter & Gamble?

Every day is unique, which I loved! You are given a problem and some guidance as how to approach solving it. Depending on the space you are in, some problems can be more open ended than others. In the end, you spend your days meeting people both internally and externally, learning more about the ...
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On a regular day, what does it look like for a Product Promoter at P&G?

Although there was one clear similarity between each day which was restocking the shelves where the roadshow was held (a supermarket), the difference would be the wide range of possible customers that you get to converse with and to convince within a day. Some would prefer being left alone as the...
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I see there's a role as a financial analyst at Procter & Gamble. Anyone who has worked there, what does that entail?

Beauty Care Financial Analyst was my third role at P&G and definitely my favorite. I should also say that it was the most stressful and the most challenging role that required strict discipline, commitment, leadership, persistence and hardworking. Being in Category Team (in my case I was in Beaut...
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Does P&G offer a mentorship program for interns and/or employees?

Mentorship program at P&G is very rich. In fact, P&G encourages you to have a mentor and provides you with the best resources in order to develop and grow you. For example, when you join this company you will start to discuss your career path with you manager on a regular basis. Your manager will...
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Help! Pros and cons of working at P&G?

Things I like: 1. You learn every day by doing things In general, learning opportunities at P&G are endless and in this company you learn every day, nonstop, 24/7. In this role, I have learned a lot about business, brand management, strategy formulation, value chain, budget management, financi...
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What does a Business Intelligence Intern at P&G do?

The BI department is inside the IT department or GBS - at least when I was there, but I remember they were changing that when I left and moving that to the strategy part of the company -, so in my case, I applied to an IT position and then said that I was more interested in BI. So the possibiliti...
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From your personal experience, does P&G uphold their stated values?

P&G values integrity in all aspects of the company and the culture plays a large role. I think that they do a really good job at creating an inclusive culture where people feel welcome and unafraid to fail. You don’t see this in all companies, but this one is successful since almost all leadershi...
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Is it possible to receive a full-time offer as an intern from P&G?

P&G only promotes from within, meaning that all executives and managers must come from P&G and not from outside companies. They are now becoming a company that only hires from their intern pool. This means that in order to get any job at P&G, you must have been an intern at one point. Typically y...
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Can any current/past P&G employees share their insights on the company?

Sure, I wrote an article actually about my top 10 takeaways from my time there. Find it here:
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What does the training program look like for a process engineer at Procter & Gamble?

If you start in the summer, you do 2-3 months of learning all the safety systems, and starting to work on the machine to which you will be assigned, then there will likely be a 4-6 month training program, which will be technical, to teach you everything about the process. I was in Family Care and...
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What do I need to know to be a Data Analytics Intern at Procter and Gamble?

You need to have a good understanding of statistics, and tools that can be used to perform data analysis such as Excel, R, or others. It is also helpful to have an understanding about how your analysis can be implemented into the business or for a product.
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