Ranger College Upward Bound

Upward Bound

June - July 2021 • Ranger, TX

What I liked

I liked that this program was created to help young adults prepare themselves for a Junior college or University. This program gave these kids an experience that they had to see to be prepared for what’s ahead of them, providing them with classes, activities and even take them out to see games and stuff like a university would.

What I wish was different

It was actually a great experience. I really don’t think there was any mistakes but a few that we corrected as soon as possible. It was mostly communication between everyone but after a few days we managed to fix it quite well.


Being able to help young adults right before they make the huge step of going to Junior college or university is a huge advantage. Most kids go bling and struggle because they lacked the experience. Upward Bound was a program that helped kids prepare for that so they can have an idea of what’s expected.
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