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Tips on what I should cover in my interview at Raymond James?

Know what’s going on in the markets and any macroeconomic trends. This is useful information for any financial services job that you are applying for. Also understand that they are a very client-centric business. Their whole business is based around their clients and finding the right solution...
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What's the career progression like for an associate at Raymond James?

Associates are typically hires from undergrad programs. Sr Associates are typically experienced and/or from MBA programs. The work and hours are very demanding but you learn a lot particularly about a specific industry since the research coverage is focused. You become very proficient at writing,...
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Is Raymond James Financial a good place to start off at?

I believe Raymond James Financial would be a good place to kick start a career if you are like the corporation culture. If you are a marketing major, I definitely would consider it because their marketing department is also an in-house agency and you don’t necessarily need to have a strong backgr...
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How do I make the most out of my experience at Raymond James?

​A passion for client management and sales. There are a lot of resources out there to help you manage your clients' assets once you have them. What is much more difficult is how to obtain clients. If you have 20 clients who invest $100,000 each with you, and you have them in fee-based portfoli...
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What level of upper management support should I expect to receive from Raymond James?

A lot. I worked directly with 3 associates every day and any time I ran into a problem they were easy to get in touch with and get help from. Even the higher ups, the VPs and MDs were very easy to interact with and always were willing to help if you ask for it.
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How do I really prepare for an interview for a equity research intern position at RJF?

Preparing for an equity research intern position can be very different from preparing for an investment banking role. You can focus less so on the technicals when it comes to accounting and modeling and whatnot, but definitely be prepared with a few stock pitches (try not to pitch large companies...
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A day in the life of an equity research intern at Raymond James Financial - what can I expect?

At Raymond James, I actually worked 40-hour weeks typically from 8:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening. This can be very different from equity research internships at other firms, because Raymond James doesn't want to burn you out as an intern (this is not the case for investment banking int...
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I want to succeed at Raymond James Financial, what will it take to do so?

What I liked most about Raymond James was definitely the culture and the people I was working with. The associates on my team as well as my analyst were all extremely supportive and willing to help me as needed. I think the most important quality in order to be successful at Raymond James is to s...
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Should I highlight any qualities during an interview at Raymond James Financial? This is for a manager position.

Technical expertise: depending on the role, your knowledge of subject matterBe able to pitch a stock if applying in equity researchBe able to provide documentation for academic excellenceBe able to present a topic with no preparation on stock market if applying to a fund group
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I"m curious, does Raymond James Financial offer any mentorship programs?

Yes, Raymond James does offer a mentorship program. It is formal – not necessary to be successful at company an actually recommend rather than going through formal mentorship process to make your own connections and find your own mentor – mine ended up being our Chief Investment Officer
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If I'm looking to kickstart my career as a manager, would you recommend Raymond James Financial to do so?

Yes, if you plan on staying in Florida, Raymond James is an EXCELLENT place to kickstart a career. Had I stayed in Florida, I would have continued to work at RJ. I love that company – wonderful people and exposure to high level executives. Many of times talked to Paul Reilley on my way to my car ...
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