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About Read and Write Kalamazoo

Read and Write Kalamazoo exists to celebrate and amplify youth voices through the cultivation of reading and writing skills via joy, creativity, equity, and access. Founded in 2012, Read and Write Kalamazoo (RAWK) is a nonprofit organization based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, devoted to nurturing intellectual and creative confidence in youth in Kalamazoo County through creative writing workshops, community partnerships and reading-themed events. We bring a supportive community around young people to give them safe and positive spaces to learn and grow. Through the investment of the adults around them, young people begin to hear and know their own minds and voices and enact agency in their own lives. We act as a touchstone for families throughout the preschool and school years to foster a culture of literacy.

Because academic language can hinder communication and expression of authentic voice, (and because language is living, fluid, and cultural), traditional assessments of achievement often do not accurately reflect true knowledge. We celebrate and amplify authentic voice in the specific context of each student’s cultural identity, while remaining mindful of the practical and social capital resulting from the use of academic language.

We are located in our learning center and storefront, the Geological & Musicological Survey Co. So, what is this place? We hear that a lot. We can't wait for you to step inside and see what we're all about. Until then, know that we're a gateway to creativity. A portal to discovery. A home for readers and writers, and curious folks. We exist to support RAWK programs and growth, and to share quality, beautiful products with our community.

Earthly oddments, Musical Miscellany, and Bookish Supplies

We sell a variety of goods that tie into our themes of geology, music, and writing: Books, pencils, erasers, notebooks, RAWK publications and merchandise, jewelry, and more. We have a whole line of goods that our surveyors make in-house that you'll find no where else in the world. YES, WE SAID THE WORLD!


Interdepartmental Intern

June 2020 - August 2020 Kalamazoo, MI
“It was a great experience working with the staff at Read and Write Kalamazoo. Working with the kids there was always fun and exciting, and I ever needed help with something I could have always reached out to someone.”

Executive Assistant Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Kalamazoo, MI
“Most of my internships and jobs leading up to this point have primarily required me to interact with other adults. Through my internship at RAWK, where I was interacting with youth five days a week, I discovered a new side to a passion I already had. I already knew I was invested in advocating for and providing access to education for all; in the past, I have designed curriculum and worked to plan education programming/events, all of which positioned me at a distance from the actual implementation of those programs with the youth they involved. However, this summer made it clear how impactful direct one-on-one interactions with youth can be and how important it is for adults to guide, affirm, and support youth -- even by simply remembering their names and what story they were working on or by pointing out a book that aligns with their interests.”
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