Recombinetics, Inc.

About Recombinetics, Inc.

Founded in 2008, Recombinetics, Inc. is a privately owned company that is a global leader in food-animal molecular genetics and genome editing. The Company has developed and acquired a portfolio of proprietary genetic software, diagnostics and genome improvement technologies, which it uses to add value to livestock products, herds, breeds, and populations. The parent company Recombinetics is responsible for general and administrative functions, infrastructure, research and development, and intellectual property, the outputs of which are being commercialized via three market facing subsidiaries: Surrogen, Acceligen, and Regenevida.

Surrogen: Enabling human health by modeling human disease in tailored large animals. This enables the world's leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies to lower the cost of getting new ideas tested, approved, and into use.
Acceligen: Enabling breakthroughs that accelerate genetic improvement in animals that help customers respond to rapidly changing markets, operate more efficiently, and perform more profitably.
Regenevida: Enabling improvement of human health and quality-of-life by tailoring swine hosts for the cultivation of therapeutic cells, tissues and organs from human stem cells.


Laboratory Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Saint Paul, MN
“I enjoyed getting to practice the lab skills I learned in school and also gaining exposure to new skills. I also enjoyed being able to work with a team of scientists on two different projects and see how the lab functioned as a whole. ”
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