Client Services Intern

August - November 2020 • Nashville, TN

What I liked

redpepper is a unique environment where you get to see all parts of the agency interact. That was easily one of my favorite parts. To see collaboration in action throughout my time with the agency was an experience that I would claim is vital for students studying business. We should actively be searching for ways to be exposed to how teams work within the workplace because the quick and cooperative nature of redpepper's teams interactions was fascinating to watch and extremely valuable to know what kind of team members I should be looking for in future positions.

What I wish was different

Unfortunately redpepper was hit by the tornado that came through Nashville in March 2020, so the office space had been under construction since then. This project was also delayed by the entrance of COVID-19 into the US, limiting the work that could be done on the renovation. Due to this, the office was not complete during my internship, and was still under construction, so the majority of my experience was hybrid (some parts Zoom, some parts in person in their extension office space). I wish that my experience was in person, but our intern class made due and still had a phenomenal experience! The office is going to be finished in a few short weeks though, so future interns get excited for a new office space!


I would share this advice to both future redpepper interns, or any regular ole Joe on the the street: stay curious. This continuously bubbled up in conversations during my time at redpepper, and spurred me on in setting up individual conversations with different redpepper employees to learn a little bit more about their field and the work they do. But I would say in any internship or job, being curious can change everything. It allows you to ask questions you genuinely want answers to, and helps you try things you would never have thought to try before. So stay curious.
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