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Seeking advice before I'm interviewed for an event planning type of position at Reed College!

Remember to emphasize on your experience and/or ability to work in a small group as a team player, as well as being able to make decisions on your own when the situation demands. Talk about how comfortable you are interacting with large groups of people. Part of the summer job entails interactin...
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What are some of the main tasks I might do in an events planning role at Reed College?

(Getting in early to get a cup of coffee) Checking the tasks for the day first thing in the morning. Sit with team members and leaders to organize the tasks and decide how everything is going to pan out. A lot of this job entails walking across campus to deliver stuff between facilities, like Ph...
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What can I expect working as a teaching assistant at Reed College ?

I was a Teaching Assistant for Paul Currie in the Psychology department, and my main duties involved setting up for/cleaning up for class, teaching laboratory procedures, and organizing information from each class session. I spent a good chunk of time keeping track of resources and scheduling var...
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