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About Talwar Gallery

Representing some of the most exciting young artists working today and the Estates of essential 20th century artists from India like Nasreen Mohamedi and Rummana Hussain, Talwar Gallery is a contemporary art gallery focusing on artists from the Indian Subcontinent and its Diaspora. Underlying the gallery vision is the belief that the artist is geographically located not the art. Their desires to exceed expectations of locality, of self; to extract purpose and significance from their familiar environs, to create, these artists have renegotiated the borders and refuse to singularly site themselves or their work. Their search and their work traverse any simplified categorization based on geography, religion, culture or race.

Talwar New York was launched in September 2001 and Talwar New Delhi opened in 2007. Deepak Talwar, founder of Talwar Gallery, has been working with contemporary artists from India since 1996.


Art Gallery Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 New York City, NY
“I learned a lot about photoshop and the art world and the people I worked with were super nice and very relaxed!”
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