Team Player Productions

Event Intern

May - August 2019 • Denver, CO

What I liked

The team is all very close and you get to know everyone well. Participating in the festivals are particularly engaging and exciting, and the schedule works well with the BYU summer schedule. You get to know the other talented interns as well. I learned a lot of jargon and problem solving skills.

What I wish was different

I wish I had been paid, as there is little professional experience to gain. Most of my work consisted of emails, phone calls and other manual labor jobs. I didn’t understand how processes flowed together and how the big picture really worked. I wish I had been given more responsibility (I was the youngest one there and the only one who didn’t drink, which influenced my perceived capabilities and limited my options in how I could be involved). The team structure is under strain; they have a hard time getting along sometimes.


Do not go in thinking you will not be busy on festival days. There is a lot to do, pack sunscreen. Get to know everyone as well as you can and go above and beyond with the tasks you are given. This leads to more responsibility. Be honest and elaborate in what contributions you can make, but be aware you are mainly manual labor for no pay (other interns are compensated generously in alcohol, but if you don’t drink, there isn’t a substitute for you).
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