TEC Engineering, Inc.

About TEC Engineering, Inc.

TEC Engineering, Inc. is a premier traffic engineering, civil engineering and surveying firm providing comprehensive analysis, design and operational and inspection services to help clients meet their complete projects and goals. Our project experience is richly diverse and includes award-winning local and international projects, DOT projects and task orders, and major development work.


Transportation Engineer Co-op

May 2023 - August 2023 Dayton, OH
“I loved that TEC Engineering is a small company with only a handful of people in my office. I was able to connect with all of them and was treated as a valuable part of the company. I worked on many different projects such as traffic signal design and traffic impact studies. I loved that the work I was doing was being used by the client to build safer intersections in the community. The employees were very caring and loved what they did which made the job more fun and easier to learn from them.”

Engineering Co-op/Internship

January 2022 Dayton, OH
“I liked that it was a small office, and I was able to get more attention and personal guidance. I was able to go to anyone for help or directions on a given task. I worked on about two to three projects per week, occasionally spending one to two weeks on a bigger task. There was also a good balance for me of working in the office versus working in the field. I am also able to listen to music to help me focus and stay on track. ”
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