Tech Tac Toe

About Tech Tac Toe

Tech Tac Toe was born out of the need for high quality STEM oriented enrichment classes for kids.

Aware that technological literacy is becoming as important as knowing how to read and write, Tech Tac Toe has set it out as it’s mission to spread this knowledge through high quality, kid friendly classes that motivate and get young minds excited about technology, computers and STEM.

Our classes are designed to engage children in multiple ways: from conceptualization to design, ultimately building life-skills such as problem solving, logic, STEM skills, team work and creativity.

We make great use of amazing computer programs, didactic materials and more to develop robust curriculum, including computer-based lessons, engineering challenges, science plans and more.

While academically sound, we believe that putting the fun into our curriculum is crucial, as it allows children to learn the way they learn best: playing!

Programs are presented in a kid friendly way and tailored to their abilities.

With experience in high quality after school and summer enrichment programs as well as a solid foundation in STEM, computer and electronics, the Tech Tac Toe team creates strong programs for curious minds.



June 2018 - August 2018 Minneapolis, MN
“I enjoyed interacting with the kids; it was a much different experience than a desk job or other industry job. I also enjoyed it because there was minimal outside preparation work required. ”
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