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About TechFoundation, Inc.

TechFoundation partners with innovative nonprofits to bring technology to address human needs. From creating the first COVID-19 Remote Internship/fellowship program working with PIs from Harvard Medical School & Brigham & Women's Hospital in Summer 2020, to helping Masks4Missions address the mask crisis in Fall 2020, TechFoundation bridges the gap with insight, resources, and technology.


TechFoundation-Brigham 2021 Remote Summer Data Science & Medical Research Internship Program

June 2021 - August 2021 Cambridge, MA
“I loved the leadership of this program, they worked with us through everything that could have come up. I enjoyed the various talks and seminars, they were extremely informative and eye-opening. Finally, the experienced gained both clinically and from a research-perspective is indispensable in my future career path. Working with such a high-caliber team on projects that would otherwise I would have never had access to makes this program a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in research or medicine.”

TechFoundation 2020 Remote Summer Data Science/Medical Research Fellowship/Internship (WFH) PI’s from Brigham & Women's Hospital / Harvard Medical School

July 2020 - August 2020 Cambridge, MA
“This was an unbelievable opportunity. Despite being across the country in the middle of a pandemic, I was able to work closely with an incredible team and make meaningful contributions to interesting project. It was such an incredible experience to interact with so many doctors at the top of their fields and learn so much about the profession in a candid manner. ”
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