TEECOM’s mission is to design the technology infrastructure that brings the next generation of smart, social, and secure buildings to life. We work with owners, architects, and design teams to strategically integrate the ubiquitous, unified connectivity that powers today’s always-on environments.

Our services range from facilitating initial strategy sessions—where we help clients determine their technology needs, goals, budget, and how to accommodate the future of technology—to designing and engineering integrated telecom, audiovisual, acoustics, security, network, voice over IP (VoIP), and wireless technology systems.


Design Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Oakland, CA
“Interns were paid to learn - what TEECOM does (audiovisual, security, telecom, acoustics design and consulting) isn't taught in school. Engineers, consultants, principals, and VPs taught classes to the interns and we learned a lot about the low-voltage systems engineering industry. TEECOM uses Revit and the designers taught us how to use the software. In the middle of the internship they gave us a design project to tackle, so we were able to apply what we were taught. You could ask anyone in the office a question and they were happy to help. Great company values and culture that encourages each individual to grow. Every other month there is either an office lunch or happy hour. Each intern is mentored by someone in a management position and I was paired with a great mentor that shared a similar background. Interns also went on site walks to gain a better sense of the systems TEECOM designs and tours to understand what technologies they use.”
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