About Televerde

Televerde is a leading global revenue creation partner driving marketing, sales and customer success excellence for B2B businesses around the world. Powered by a cutting-edge customer journey platform and the delivery of a highly personalized experience, we deliver full end to end life-cycle revenue generation from Marketing, Sales and Customer Success with scalability, repeatability and predictability. From audience identification to advocacy, we drive bottom line results. Our uniquely evolved approach, business model, and best practices have enabled us to deliver over $65B in pipeline and to close over $12B+ in revenue for our customers. Working across industries and with leaders across sectors, we are powered by a mission to transform 10,000 lives.

Our work environment is unique. While some companies force you to fit into narrow jobs with little flexibility or opportunity, our culture is centered on professional expansion, innovation, and development for each employee, allowing more autonomy to make decisions that drive business growth.

As an expanding and dynamic organization we value creativity, innovation, quality, and the relationships we have with our employees, clients, vendors and the community. Although highly involved with outside charitable organizations, our social outreach extends far beyond community service; our business model allows us to make a deep and meaningful impact on lives every single day.


Social Media Intern

January 2019 Phoenix, AZ
“Televerde is a great place to work. The culture is unique and welcoming. I had the opportunity to grow & learn with an awesome support system. ”
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