The Poverello Center, Inc.


June - August 2017 • Wilton Manors, FL

What I liked

I enjoyed interacting with the other volunteers and helping out those who needed their nutrition bags delivered. It's fun working behind the scenes in the kitchen and not only serve up the people's needs but also make new friends as well. There's also a kitchen that serves food on a daily that's free for employees and volunteers and it's a great place to chill and talk with others.

What I wish was different

I wish I got to work more outside of the kitchen since all my tasks were ties to the kitchen. For example, I wish I could have worked at the thrift shop as well or at least jump back and forth from working in the kitchen and thrift shop.


This kind of volunteering experience involves having to work with others and having a constant awareness of what needs to be done in the kitchen, like making sure the food always looks fresh and in stock and making sure that everyone is getting their nutritional care packaged lists checked off. So if you're comfortable working with others and making new friends as you're almost tossed around the kitchen, then this is an exciting volunteering opportunity for you.
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