The Woodland Eye Clinic

About The Woodland Eye Clinic

We are committed to bringing the highest level of total eye care. We strive to provide detailed one on one attention. Our center offers patients the newest technology and equipment with a professional team of experienced staff.

At The Woodland Eye Clinic, we offer thorough eye examinations for all ages from infants and children to adults and seniors. Our Doctors know that preventative care is an important part of eye health.


Front Desk Receptionist

June 2018 Elkader, IA
“I actually work in two locations of the Woodland Eye Clinic, Elkader and West Union, Iowa, and I really enjoyed getting to know my colleagues. It was interesting to see how different work settings within one business could interact differently: different attitudes of the average patient, the relationships between staff, etcetera. I also enjoyed building a relationship with my bosses. I now know that you can have a very positive and cooperative connection with those in a higher position than myself, but before this experience, I feel as if I was led to believe otherwise. Lastly, I really enjoyed being driven to accomplish tasks I wouldn't have imagined doing (communicating with patients and other businesses, contacting insurances, and so on).”
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