Therapy Matters LLC

About Therapy Matters LLC

Therapy Matters emerged from the owner's personal counseling practice, where she identified shortcomings within the mental health domain. Her aim was to tackle these deficiencies through innovative approaches, while simultaneously fostering enriching internship opportunities and post-degree prospects. Presently, Therapy Matters serves as a testament to the notion that mental health gaps can be addressed, while also recognizing and supporting the developmental journey of interns, Master's-level professionals, and licensed clinicians alike.

Whether you're at the internship level (unpaid) or the Master's level (paid), we provide diverse client experiences, from nature-based therapy to varied care intensities. Supervision is comprehensive, with weekly one-on-one sessions, monthly group sessions, and guest supervisors for continuous learning. We offer ample training to ensure therapists feel confident and competent in sessions.

Our aim is to enhance not just the lives of our clients but also the mental health community as a whole, which encompasses our therapists' well-being and growth.


Respite care provider

March 2020 - August 2020 Glendale, AZ
“I enjoyed being able to help student struggling with online school and accommodate their individual needs”
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