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About Thomas College

Thomas College was founded in 1894, above the F. W. Woolworth Co. on Main Street in Waterville. At that time, it was unusual for women to pursue a college career—but our students have never been afraid to be leaders. Since its beginning, the College has been co-educational and non-sectarian, and Thomas has stayed true to its roots as a college that helps prepare students for success in their professional careers.

Today, the College has grown into a thriving community of learners. We’re proud of our history and making big plans for our future.

What remains the same is our commitment to our students. We guarantee that you’ll graduate with the education, professional skills, experience, network, and mentors to land a job and launch your career. Employers trust our college to produce interns and employees who can get big things done.


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September 2021 Waterville, ME
“How I have a great team and can really learn and grow as a Career Navigator.”
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