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About Trillium Family Services

Our vision is to create safe communities where children are healthy and every family has the opportunity for success. Families get the support they need – when and where they need it. There is a focus on prevention and health; organizations and systems are connected in a synergistic sanctuary community that generates: Non –violence, Growth and Change, Democracy, Emotional intelligence, Social learning, Open communication, and Social Responsibility.
We offer hope to families when they don’t know where else to turn. Whether we are addressing a one-time mental health crisis or an ongoing condition, we equip children and their families with the right tools to understand their challenges, treat their conditions, and gain new skills in order to effectively manage their mental and behavioral health challenges. With increased knowledge and resources, young people can realize their full potential and become contributing, productive members of society.


Mental Health Skills Trainer

June 2019 Corvallis, OR
“This job offers an amazing opportunity to work with kiddos at a key point in their mental health struggle. It is not a job for just anyone, passion is important to be successful with this job.”


January 2018 Duluth, MN
“Laid back and can do homework while at work.”
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