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About Triple Point Security

Triple Point Security is a cybersecurity services, R&D, and talent development firm with a unique niche in cloud computing security. We combine our technical expertise with leading-edge technology solutions to bring on premise visibility and control to cloud-based environments. We are interested in helping organizations solve their most complex challenges and taking your career to the next level.


Cybersecurity Intern

June 2021 Blacksburg, VA
“I really enjoyed how much hands on experience interns are given at Triple Point. I did not have much of a technical background before I started at Triple Point but I was able to gain experience in different topics such as networking, firewalls, command line exercises, virtualization, and cloud computing topics. A lot of the work I have done at Triple Point is very applicable to topics my classes have covered and work I have done in other internships. I was able to come back and work again for Triple Point this semester as an intern coach for new interns. This gave me the opportunity to help teach material I learned last summer and work on internal IT projects for the company. The corporate culture is very engaging and inclusive. The CEO of Triple Point attends intern checkpoint meetings to gage the progress of the cohort, and the entire team is very accessible to reach out too. ”

Cyber Security

February 2022 - April 2022 Blacksburg, VA
“This internship was a great experience! Everyone at the company was welcoming, eager to help, and professional. I highly recommend this internship to anyone interested or experienced in cyber security. There were weekly meetings that were directed by both the CEO and an associate who is also a computer science professor at Virginia Tech. During these meetings, we would learn about Virtual Machines, command-line interfaces, firewalls, vulnerability scanning/management, and more. Some VMs we created and worked with were Windows 10, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Desktop, Kali Linux, and Metasploitable. Throughout the week we would gain hands-on experience on the concept at hand and document our process in a deliverable. There were also two previous interns that met with us weekly and helped us with any issues or questions we had. Overall, a great opportunity!”
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