Umland's Crunchy Cheese

About Umland's Crunchy Cheese

A couple years ago my brother's family found a patented technology that extracts the water from cheese BELOW THE MELTING POINT of the cheese. What's left is pure Wisconsin "Crunchy Cheese Bites." My brother and his wife purchased one of the machines and started making Umland's Crunchy Cheese Bites. I formed my own company to retail this high protein, low carb, gluten free snack. All of our products are produced Cholov Yisrael Kosher.

What is & why try crunchy cheese
Crunchy cheese is simply cheese without the water. We have found a machine that is able to take the water out while retaining all the flavor and nutrition of the cheese.

If you are looking for a "natural" snack food, look no further. It's Cheese, #one ingredient, #crunchy, #delicious.


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June 2019 - August 2019 Carlock, IL
“Very clear job with great working conditions. ”
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