Union County Sheriff's Office

Reserve Deputy

December 2017 • Union, SC

What I liked

I enjoy working with all those working in law enforcement and judicial areas. I continue to learn a lot about the law from both perspectives.

What I wish was different

I wish Covid-19 was not brought to America. I wish domestic terrorism would not be happening. The atmosphere of both of these has brought moral down in law enforcement and the courts to a halt or minimum cases being heard. This is not fair to those who are waiting for a speedy trial or other issues to get resolved. It affects families, civil actions, and criminal cases where we are innocent until proven guilty. It affects getting those who are vulnerable the help they need such as the abused and or neglected children and vulnerable adults. It is difficult to witness all that is effected by Covid-19 and domestic terrorism ( rioting, looting, and attacking of people).


Be ready to see life from different perspectives. Learn CQ (cultural intelligence) these skill sets are necessary in today's world no matter what the profession. It is important to not just "understand" how people are different, but drive ourselves to embrace knowledge, strategy, and actions appropriate in respecting others.
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