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If you've worked as a civil engineer at the US Air Force, could you describe your daily tasks and responsibilities? If you could also speak about your experience balancing your personal and professional life while on the job, that'd be much appreciated too

The average day can vary depending on what rank you are/what position your in. As a civil engineer assistant there are multiple job titles you can hold. For example you could be on the survey team, which consists of going outside to do site surveys, set up base stations, plot points and elevation...
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What are good questions to ask when interviewing to work as an engineer at the US Air Force?

Some good questions to ask would be, what kind of benefits and job security do I have in the military? (Big one)Are there any current sign in bonuses right now for the civil engineering field? What length of contracts am I required for a first enlistment? What preparation can I do before going to...
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Looking for some details about daily tasks of an aerospace mechanic in the US Air Force!

I'm currently the Maintenance lead for my flight, so I'm in charge of troubleshooting and fixing the errors that occur during use of my equipment. The errors vary from unit to unit, so I never know exactly what my task is going to be when I enter work at 0645. I could be troubleshooting an electr...
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