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About United States Marine Corps Officer Selection Station - Springfield, MO

Do you ever wonder if you're making a difference? Or if you're "different" at all for that matter?

If you have, I will implore you to consider a career as a United States Marine Corps Officer. Marine Corps Officers are tested morally, physically, and mentally. The confidence that emerges from being tested and thereupon victorious fosters future success in and out of uniform in any endeavor you set your mind towards. My team would like to reveal your true potential and offer this experience that has shaped the lives of many successful men and women that have earned the title, Marine Officer. Our Officer Selection Team is responsible for screening and processing the applications of those interested in testing their will at Officer Candidates School in Quantico, VA, the proving grounds of United States Marine Corps Officer candidates. We are currently accepting applications from full-time college students (Freshmen-Seniors) and college graduates who are morally, mentally, and physically qualified for service as Commissioned Officers. For Freshmen through Juniors (Platoon Leaders Course - PLC), Officer Candidates School convenes in the summer similar to an internship in order to prevent interference with the fall and spring semesters. Seniors and college graduates (Officer Candidates Course - OCC) have the opportunity to attend Officer Candidates School in the summer, fall, or winter. The Marine Corps needs elite leaders who are capable of facing today's challenges and who will eventually assume the highest positions of command, government, and citizenship.

- Our programs are highly selective, therefore, an application does not constitute service (no obligation until you accept your rank upon graduation of college)
- Competitive Salary and Benefits ($60,000 - $75,000 Annually)
- Paid Summer Training ($3,900 for 6 Weeks (Freshmen and Sophomores), $6,500 for Two Weeks (Juniors and Seniors))
- All Majors accepted
- Flight option available for qualified applicants
- Reserve Officer opportunities available to Juniors, Seniors, and Graduates
- U.S. Citizenship required
- Full Time Students Only for PLC Program (Freshman through Junior)
- 2.0 GPA or Above


Officer Candidate

May 2020 - July 2020 Quantico, VA
“I was motivated by the physical and mental challenges presented every day. In addition to being mentally and physically tested among my peers of similar caliber, we had a rigorous academic experience. I am excited to go back next summer and complete my training and earning the privilege of serving my country as a 2nd LT. in the USMC.”
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