University of Arizona ASTEROIDS Laboratory

About University of Arizona ASTEROIDS Laboratory

The Asteroid Science, Technology and Exploration Research Organized by Inclusive eDucation Systems (ASTEROIDS) Laboratory at the University of Arizona will be dedicated to performing fundamental science and technology in asteroid exploration.

A UA ASTEROIDS Laboratory’s NASA-funded Undergraduate Research and Education Program (UREP) opens a world of opportunities to be involved in the aerospace sector. Whether you are a prospective student applicant or a prospective mentor, you will find that potential fields of inquiry include almost everything the University of Arizona has to offer because so many fields touch on NASA objectives.

Our undergraduate students, under the guidance of asteroid science and technology experts, will have opportunities through hands-on-project based learning to conceptualize, design, build and validate small experiments and instruments to be flown on small spacecraft.


Student at ASTEROIDS Laboratory and NASA Undergraduate Research and Education Program

June 2023 - July 2023 Tucson, AZ
“I greatly enjoyed this program and meeting passionate, hard-working individuals interested in space sciences. This program was my first experience in engineering where I learned about systems engineering, designed a well-functioning paper airplane, wrote code for a drone following specific instructions, and won first place with my group in an egg-lander competition against graduate students. I also gained insight into writing a proposal for NASA and the process of NASA missions following the NASA Decadal Strategy.”

Undergraduate Researcher

July 2020 Tucson, AZ
“The full experience.”
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