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Since 1956 the University of Dayton Research Institute has helped customers succeed in reaching their research and development goals, solving technical challenges, and transitioning technologies into application. We specialize in research, development, application, and transition of technology in diverse fields, including materials, structures, energy, propulsion, manufacturing, sensors, intelligence, and much more. Our materials engineering research effort alone is the largest in the nation among universities.

Each year, some 300 undergraduate and graduate UD students work on sponsored research programs alongside faculty and UDRI researchers in labs on campus and at Wright-Patterson Air Force base. Combined with classroom education, these experiences prepare students to seamlessly step into jobs in technology, the sciences and engineering upon graduation.


Advanced Manufacturing Intern

November 2022 Dayton, OH
“Working at UDRI I was exposed to a multitude of projects where I could learn from each. Compared to previous internships where I was working on a singular project. It was fresh and exciting to work on many projects with different UDRI staff. From designing additively manufactured wind tunnel models to processing high temp oven seals, I was exposed to many different problems. Each member of my group helped mentor and guide me throughout my time at UDRI. As a result, I feel that I learned much more than if I simply worked on one project.”

Advanced Composites Testing - Research Assistant Spring Co-op

January 2023 - August 2023 Dayton, OH
“I liked the way my supervisors and team helped me gradually learn the different processes and tasks they work on every day. As the spring semester progressed, I went from assisting with projects to running a few on my own. Some of these projects range from building different items to improve the quality of the lab to running an entire project for a customer on my own. My team was very knowledgeable and helped me learn as I was working, which made the experience even more enjoyable for me. The skills I learned while working in this position have built my confidence up and have allowed me to deepen my knowledge on the process a research engineer goes through day to day. During the summer semester, I got to work on more on different projects with less supervision and was given the opportunities to show what I had been learning during the spring semester and apply those skills frequently. I got more in-depth with reporting and data calculations during the summer, which allowed me to work on and fine tune my writing skills. Overall, the work term between January and August gave me a well rounded experience in the research side of engineering. ”
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